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This is an association of people who have, had or will have non-conforming gender expressions/identities and seek to advance their professional careers. The goal of this organization is to facilitate the networking and mentoring which develop our careers and promote the next generation of leaders.

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Seriously... The more registered members we have, the more influence we have in shaping workplace policy at employers. Our goal is be the largest organization directly representing the needs of transgender, [gender]queer and gender non-conforming people in the workplace. If you believe that it is time for us to have a say in workplace equality, just add your voice to our growing membership.

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Together we stand, divided we fall.

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Verified Inclusive Career Opportunities

Career opportunities listed here are verified to be Trans* and Gender Expression Inclusive.

Please check the Corporate Equality Index for general guidance when in doubt.

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Our videos are free to use and share. A quick word about Rapid Learning Videos - The intent is to deliver concise training modules that are about 15 minutes in length. They are created rapidly based on presentations or conversations and often accompanied by an audio track recorded by the original presenter rather than a professional voice actor in a professional studio. This saves thousands of dollars in production costs while delivering the same quality information to the viewer. Those savings can be put to use creating other workplace advances such as developing job fairs and skills training programs.

Featured Articles

What is Wrong with Executive Recruiters?

What is Wrong with Executive Recruiters?

A search consultant needs to measure two things to be successful: job related skills and degree of fit with an organization. The first set of criteria represent the science of recruiting. The second set represent the art. Fit, chemistry or cultural compatibility are all intangibles, but essential to ensure a successful and sustainable match. For example, a hard-driving ruthlessly competitive candidate from a Wall Street investment banking firm would probably be a poor fit for a Children’s Burn Center. While that may seem like an extreme example, I think you see my point.

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No Trans* Left Behind

No Trans* Left Behind

Genderism can be likened to colorism in that there are similar behaviors within the transgender community to confer status and privilege. One’s ability to present as a gender binary stereotype is commensurate with one’s level of social standing; the more one looks like an idealized gender stereotype, the more privilege and prestige is accorded to them. Both rituals were/are practiced by their respective communities upon their own members.

Psychologically, when a member of a dis-empowered community adopts the dominant culture’s ideals, without the possibility of full assimilation into that culture, there can be an internalized conflict which may manifest itself as disdain towards displaying a non-conformity that is less then the ideal., in oneself and in others. This can drive the individual to go to extra-ordinary lengths to achieve that ideal as well as avoiding less conforming individuals.

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Producing Desired Outcomes

Producing Desired Outcomes

I recently conducted some transgender awareness trainings for HR and management personnel at the Ecolab corporation’s Chicago area offices. As I was preparing the content for those training sessions, I spent some time thinking about desirable and generally applicable outcomes for the experience. Here are a few of those outcome-based ideas:

  • applying the practical, relevant skills acquired in the training experience to real-life
    situations on the job;
  • developing a greater awareness of transgender workplace realities;
    reducing gender-based workplace harassment incidents;
  • enhancing self-esteem and experiencing a sense of accomplishment;
  • learning about the transgender phenomenon and its increasing impact on society;
  • improving interpersonal skills, leading to better teamwork and increased productivity;
  • personal enrichment through increased knowledge and the acquisition of new skills;
  • overall enhancement of cultural competence;
  • creating an increasingly competitive marketplace advantage;
  • improving the organization’s recruiting/retention abilities;
  • deepening the pool of diverse employees, thereby expanding the company’s ability to
    leverage diverse experiences, worldviews, talents, and breakthrough ideas;
  • creating a safer, more respectful workplace for everyone.

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New Lamps For Old

New Lamps For Old

This struggle is ultimately a clash of cultures extending back nearly 2500 years. A tiny kingdom was struggling to keep its cultural identity while surrounded by powerful multicultural enemies. Its sister kingdom in the north had just been overrun by a powerful nation and its own citizens were increasingly turning to worshiping the old gods at home and in the temple. The old multicultural king was killed in palace coup and his 8-year old son was placed on the throne by the monotheistic (and wealthy) land owners. Under the guidance of the people of the land, the boy grew into a man who believed the ills of his kingdom were the result of the worship of foreign gods and idols (who really weren’t foreign but certainly were older). The king became a reformer who banished the idols and old gods from the temple. To distract the people from the loss of their gods, the king restored the temple which was originally dedicated to the one true god hundreds of years earlier, before the old kingdom was split in two, north and south. During the restoration of the temple of the one true god, the chief priest discovered a text which he attributed to the one god’s first law giver. It was, not surprisingly, a book of laws for the kingdom’s chosen people to protect them from cultures of the surrounding heathens.

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